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Save Time with AutoFill in Excel

One of the great time savers in Microsoft Excel is Autofill, but would you like to know how to use it even more effectively?

Try this quick tip.

Step 1. Enter a value such as a Day or a Month name, then use the Fill Handle at the bottom right corner of the cell to drag down or across.

Image of Autofill in Excel


Step 2. Release the mouse, then click the Smart Tag that appears at the bottom of your selection to display more fill options.

Image of Autofill Smart Tag


Step 3. Click the desired option from the pop-up menu.

Image, selecting options from the Smart Tag menu

Job done! Your selection is filled using the option you choose.


Bonus Tip!

When dragging the Fill handle, use the right mouse button as you drag. This will automatically display the options without the need to click on the Smart Tag.


AutoFill is such a great time saver. Just type an entry such as Monday, January, Qtr 1 or today’s date, then use the Fill Handle at the bottom right of the cell to extend the values down or across the sheet.

What many users don’t know is that you can choose more options by clicking the Smart Tag that pops up at the bottom right of the range after dragging. In the example above I typed “Monday”, then used the fill handle to drag down a few rows. I then clicked the Smart Tag and selected Fill Weekdays to omit the weekend from my range.

I hope you found this quick tip helpful. Check in with us regularly for more Excel (and more) goodness!

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