Training Away from the Office

If you don’t have training facilities at your site, you should consider training away from the office.

This option is best used when you have participants coming from multiple locations, especially those that are not geographically close to each other.

Focus on Learning, Not Emails

By removing the distraction of email, phone calls or a noisy office environment, training away from the office provides a setting in which participants can better focus on the training itself. Spending time out of the office can also encourage participants to reflect more fully on training content and scenarios. We have also found that training away from the office can provide an excellent opportunity for networking.

Fewer Distractions

An obvious advantage of training away from the office is the reduction of daily work distractions.

On the other hand, travel costs can be prohibitive if you have a smaller budget. Also, scheduling travel time around training sessions can be a disadvantage. Travel time and time spent away from the office may be a further issue to deal with when training is conducted off-site.

Key Benefits of Training Away from the Office

  • Work in a dedicated training location
  • Reduce distractions
  • Opportunity for networking
  • Time to reflect on new skills learned
  • Small group sizes for maximum attention
  • Full documentation and exercise files

Other Options

In addition to Off the Shelf Training, we can customise a training solution for your team. If you prefer, we can conduct your training as a Workshop.

Have you considered the other types of training? This includes Self Paced Assisted Learning, Live Online Training, or if you have larger groups, you may want to conduct Roving Training or Floor Walking. An excellent option can be to combine either of these with Seminars or Awareness Sessions. If you prefer 1 on 1 training for your staff instead, this can easily be arranged.