Off the Shelf Training Courses

We have a comprehensive range of off the shelf training courses available.

These courses are designed around the most popular topics requested by our clients. Topics range from introductory to advanced levels and therefore cater to a wide range of skill sets.

Save Time with Professionally Designed Materials

Developing training materials is very time-consuming. Using our off the shelf course materials means that we have already done the hard work for you so that you can save time and effort. That way, you can simply focus on your learning priorities.

The design of our off the shelf courses promotes active learning by keeping dry lecture time to a minimum. We find that lengthy lectures lead to participants becoming bored and losing interest. That’s why our courses are hands on all the way.

Hands-on Learning

We include activities that build on and overlap concepts and skills learned in earlier topics. This way, learning is constantly reinforced and participants build a better understanding of how to integrate what they learn into their work.

Our off the shelf courses are continually reviewed and updated as needed so that you can be sure of always having the latest information available. If your organisation is using older software, we can still cater for your requirements.

Key Benefits of Off the Shelf Training Courses

  • Training based on what works
  • No development time required
  • Implement your new skills right away
  • Small group sizes for maximum attention
  • Full documentation and exercise files

Other Options

If an off the shelf solution is not quite what you are looking for, we can provide a Customised Training solution tailored to the unique requirements of your team. Courses can be delivered at your Workplace or at a convenient training venue.

Some other choices could be Self Paced Assisted Learning or even a Live Online Training experience. Both can be cost-effective solutions for your needs.

In addition, we also have a Mobile Classroom option if you have space but not the computers.