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Google Slides is used to create professional looking slides that can be displayed in your browser and projected during your meetings or presentations. Google Slides can be easily shared with your team for editing and reviewing for a polished final presentation. Speakers notes can be created, and slide handouts can be given to attendees to provide extra information before or after the presentation.

Google Slides presentations are equally suitable for large or small groups and they are typically used for marketing, training, educational and other purposes.

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To help you with your customised option, you can choose from our extensive list of course topics. We can then help you to assign the appropriate amount of content based on your training timeframe, and the best order of topics to ensure your training flows well. Our aim is to help every participant gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Google Slides

Standard 1 Day Google Slides Courses

Comprehensive training manual with exercise files. Lifetime post-course support.
from: $480 / per participant.

Create winning presentations using Google Slides, adding transitions and animations to enhance the visual impact of your content.
You will add charts and tables, then work with themes and graphics before exploring the best methods to show your presentations.

Google Slides Introduction


Participants on this Google Slides 1 day course will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Google Slides, including creating presentations and using themes, adding graphics and formatting, then applying transitions and animations for stylish presentations. You will be given a solid foundation of skills upon which to build.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of Google Slides, however, you will also benefit from attending this course if you are currently editing presentations created by others.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the training and learned a lot.
This training helped me in setting the foundations up for me to start using Google Slides. Thanks Brendon.

P. Gaba

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Course Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Duration: One Day
  • Time: 9am-4pm (approx)
  • Class Size: 10 Students (max)
ratings 4.6

Course Instructors

Course Content

Google Slides Orientation

  • Introduction to Slides
  • The Google Slides Interface
  • The Presentation Title
  • The Menu Toolbar
  • The Shortcut Toolbar
  • Getting Help

Creating Slides

  • Creating a Presentation
  • Slide Layouts

Formatting Slides

  • About Formatting
  • Types of Formatting
  • The Paint Format Tool

Adding Graphics

  • Working with Graphics
  • Options for Adding Graphics

Using Diagrams

  • Working with Diagrams
  • Diagram Types
  • Adding Text

Applying Themes

  • About Google Slide Themes
  • Advantage of using Themes

Transitions and Animations

  • About Transitions
  • About Slide Animations

Creating Tables and Charts

  • Creating and Editing Tables
  • Creating and Editing Charts

Showing Presentations

  • Presenting with Google Slides

Printing Slides

  • Printing Handouts
  • Adding and Printing Speaker’s Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is an online presentation software package powered by Google. There is no need to download software since the application runs in the browser. Users can create a presentation by designing a series of slides. It is also simple to import slides created in other applications to get started. Presentations can be built by selecting from the available templates or starting from a blank slide. You can add audio, video, graphics and text into Google Slides to make more interesting and dynamic presentations that will engage your audience.

Who uses Google Slides?

Google Slides can be used in virtually any environment where presentations are required. Users can include conference keynote speakers, team leaders, sales professionals, training facilitators and many more.

Just about any kind of presentation you can think of can be built using Google Slides. Some examples are sales presentations, board reporting, brainstorming sessions, and many more. Any of these presentations can be created using Google Slides.

Some significant features of Google Slides are:

  • Lots of Templates
  • Themes for consistent formatting
  • Animations and transition effects
  • Online Viewing
  • Real time collaboration

These are just some of the features of Google Slides, but of course, there are many more. If you need to create just about any kind of business presentation, then you should check out Google Slides.

How can I present my slides?

Once you’ve created your presentation, there are two ways to present your slideshow. You can either present it live or publish it online.

To present it live, click the Present button at the top right of the screen.

If you want to publish your slide show online, you should go to File > Publish to web. You’ll receive a link that you can either embed on your website or share with your audience.

Should I buy a Google Slides for Dummies book or attend a Training Course?

Have you ever wondered why the Dummies books are so popular? Well, it’s probably because so many of us are self-taught, using Google to find out how to use a function, or we are shown how to use software by someone at work. Although this can be useful, it also means we tend to spend a lot of time with trial and error, or we are just picking up somebody else’s bad habits. Trial and error, unfortunately, involves a lot of error, and the bad habits you pick up will probably be passed on to the next person, so soon they spread across the business, meaning entire teams can end up working inefficiently.

At this point, you might head to the bookstore or do an online search to find a Google Slides for Dummies book to help solve some of those tricky issues. That’s a step in the right direction, and we sometimes use reference manuals ourselves. The problem is that it still takes time to find the information you need.

Our Google Slides courses are designed to target the key features and tools included in the applications to help you get back to work and apply them right away.

Why should I attend a Google Slides Training Course?

A training course with Keystroke Learning can set you up to take full advantage of your software. We want Google Slides to work for you, not the other way around. We also make a point of passing on the best of our knowledge and experience to help you save time in your daily work. We know lots of shortcuts for your software applications, and we want you to know them as well.

Typically, one of our experienced trainers will walk you through the features and functions of the software, then you will try them out on your own, with tips and guidance on getting the best out of the features. We also encourage participants to ask lots of questions to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

You’ll receive a manual to take away at the end of the course, as well as exercise files so you can practice later, or just to jog your memory when you need.

I need my team to review my slides. Is this something we can easily do?

One of the standout features of Google Slides is built in collaboration, giving you and your team the ability to co-author your slides in real time. Making changes and adding comments to slides is a breeze. What’s more, all changes are recorded with automatic version control, so you can go back to an earlier version if you need.

Where to from here?

Your learning doesn’t stop once you have completed your course. We hope you will continue your experience by taking some time to practice what you have learned and apply it to your own situation and environment.

If we have done our job well, you may be inspired to learn even more by attending another course. If you are looking for something other than Google Slides, we have a comprehensive range of courses available for you to choose from.

We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice.

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