Many years ago, Mark and Brendon met at a company where they both worked as senior facilitators. Over the course of time and a lot of conversations later, the idea of starting their own business together in Melbourne slowly began to evolve.

In early 2016, relying on their experience, ideas and passion for training, they took that first and crucial step. Setting sail for a real adventure, they embraced the things that worked well and discarded everything that they knew discouraged clients.

This is how Keystroke Learning was born.

What Is Keystroke Learning?

Keystroke Learning

We are a computer software training company based in Melbourne, Australia. In our computer courses, we teach all the typical programs you use in your workplace, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud suites, as well as eLearning software and Google G-Suite.

Acquired from years of experience in computer training, graphic design, web development, and eLearning design, we have developed a great deal of flexibility working with our clients. We always go the extra mile to help them solve their problems by providing them with innovative solutions.

Our Mission and Vision

We Know What Works.
We specialise in hands-on, interactive training methods which we specifically tailor to the needs and requirements of our course participants.
We Listen.
The only way to be sure that the training is right for your abilities and goals is by listening to your feedback and gaining a better understanding of your needs.
We Innovate.
By keeping abreast of changing technologies, we are constantly developing new courses, as well as updating the existing ones by implementing current best practices.

Our goal is to provide people with an unforgettable learning experience in all our courses, from beginner through to advanced levels. In our courses, we focus on teaching skills that you can immediately apply in your workplace.

Apart from providing traditional training, we always introduce newer learning methods, such as self-paced assisted learning and live online training.

We care about building close working relationships with our clients, doing things in a different way, and offering people something genuinely valuable.

What Motivates Us?

You know that ‘Ah ha!’ moment when you discover how to solve an issue that has caused you a lot of frustration? Well, that is what we enjoy most in our training.

We love seeing the smile on people’s faces when we show them tricks that will save them lots of time. Enabling people to complete complex tasks in a less stressful and even enjoyable manner motivates us to keep on going.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than hearing people say: “You just saved me hours!”
It just never gets old and gives us incredible satisfaction. This is what keeps us learning, researching and thinking.

What Our Course Participants Say About Us

I can’t believe I didn’t do this course years ago when I had the chance. I’m now kicking myself thinking about all the time I’ve wasted not knowing some of these simple tips and tricks that were shown throughout the course today.

Teaching and Empowering

Our experience has taught us that people love hearing real-world examples as opposed to being stuck with a theoretical approach. That is why we use real-world scenarios in our courses, enabling you to immediately relate to your own experience.

We engage with our students and get them to share their own experience with everyone in the course. By encouraging them to reflect on the overall content and process, we help them understand the big picture. We have found that this approach is far superior to simply showing steps. If a participant has a grasp of the concepts, they can then use the appropriate tools in any situation, giving them far more flexibility and confidence.

Another crucial thing ‒ as far as we are concerned, there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. In our courses, we encourage you to ask anything you want. And interestingly enough, those ”stupid questions” are usually the best ones since they start the most valuable conversations with everyone.

Jokes and humour are not foreign to us as we use them to help people feel comfortable and relaxed. One of our favourite sayings is the one by John Cleese: “He who laughs most learns best.”


We are based in Melbourne but deliver computer training courses nationwide.

Not only do we teach our courses in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area and Regional areas, but we also run courses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, and Sydney.